15 Apr Marta Torres

(Translated from Spanish) In 2015, both Art Monaco and Art Ibiza are proud to present the work of highly esteemed artist from Marta Torres, who will be exhibiting her spectacular art from July 9th to 12th in the playground of the rich and famous, Monte Carlo;...

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mauricio Velez

15 May Mauricio Velez, a Passion for the Lens

Author : By Romain Méfret Mauricio Velez, a photographer who is passionate about culture and religion, is intriguing because he plays with conventions. His eye transforms the human body into a “canvas” and turns it into an object and an encounter. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator type="transparent" position="center" up="3"][vc_column_text]Can you tell...

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10 May A Not So Ordinary Artist

Rino Stefano is an uncommon artist. His most recent work, B E A U T Y is an artistic UFO in which he highlights hidden aspects of the human soul. Using an advanced video animation technique, Rino Stefano manages to bridge the style of the...

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10 May When art comes into the harbour

Author : By Noëlle Duck The initial art interest now lies in Marseille and Shanghai. However, using art as a means of internal communication might seem, in the opinion of its actors, “strange and incongruous”. But the result is there, and for the last two years...

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