22 Nov Myanmar Ink Art Gallery

  Founded in November 2011 by art enthusiast, Ko Sid, Myanmar Ink Art Gallery attracts visitors, admirers and art collectors worldwide to share in a communal love for art and to showcase the many talented and diverse artists of Myanmar. In addition to creating a space...

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22 Nov Gallery Yori

It is as if witnessing a dream come to life to see a piece of jewelry made by Gallery Yori jewelry designers Norio Kawada and Michie Kinoshita. The unique and sensual works of the Japanese jewel artists, who are both featured at Gallery Yori, appeal...

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22 Nov Lina Condes

From her first years of studying in the department of Interior design at Kiev’s University of Technologies and Design, Lina Condes aspired to embrace the unusual and create something o beat and interesting. The last thing she wan- ted was to fall into the trap...

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22 Nov Uili Lousi

Uili Lousi resonates in global cosmic transformation. The symmetrical, complex and intricate Tongan patterns, abstracted in rhythm, synchronicity, harmony and ultimately Godly Beauty, form the basis of Uili Lousi’s work. Uili weaves all of his experiences into his artistic practice to create a vibrancy in his...

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22 Nov Art Facts Worth Knowing

   British sculptor Willard Wigan is known for creating art so tiny that it can only t inside the eye of a sewing needle. The microsculptor was working on a scene from “Alice in Wonderland” when he accidentally inhaled his own art. From 1912-1948, art...

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22 Nov Yana Rusnak

English Version: "Yana Rusnak is absolutely sincere in her belief that God, being an absolute beginning of any creation, is love, and at the same the main driving force of the Universe. At the heart of her creativity the sense her art is rooted in the...

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-The Great Painted Video Installation (Amor and Psyche)- 1996 Acryl on Canvas

22 Jun Mathias Waske: To Laugh is an Art

By David McKenzie Although he skirts the common techniques of the Modern Art canon, Mathias Waske’s body of work has distinguished him as an important contemporary artist. His techniques often remind of the Old Masters and Renaissance painters, with a masterful control of traditional perspective and...

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