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22 Nov Benjamin Shine

  Benjamin Shine has established a multi-disciplined creative approach dedicated to challenging perceptions through original constructional ideas and craftsmanship. Following his studies in fashion design at Central St Martins in London, Benjamin has spent over a decade exploring the potential of materials to express ideas through...

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TP Hardisty

22 Nov TP Hardisty

  Like all good art, it is sometimes easy to dismiss the work as simple, or decoration perhaps because of the medium, but look past that initial perception and you will be rewarded a piece that continues to evolve in front of you; whether it’s physically,...

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James St-Laurent

22 Nov James St-Laurent

The overhead lights dim as the band makes their way onto the stage, each silhouette picking up an instrument. In a frenetic, sudden burst, the stage li- ghts and music explode simultaneously as the audience roars and applauds in unison. Photographing musicians in their “natural...

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Elena Milder

22 Nov Elena Mildner

  Russian born and Vienna based since the early 90s, Elena Mildner is a painter, sculptor, photographer, and designer whose art possess a swirling psychedelic quality that leaves you dizzy, re ective and wanting more. Born under the Northern Lights in Provideniya, a town on the Bering...

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22 Nov Olga Lomaka

  London-based artist whose recognizable style of mixing materials and techniques made her instantly known among the generation of artists newly arriving onto the art-scene in Europe. She is not afraid to push her own and her viewers’ limits, to lay bare innermost fears, speak of...

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22 Nov Alla GrAnde

    As an artist, sculptor, creator, architect, and interior designer, Alla GrAnde breaks the mould of a contemporary artist. Her works are orchestral and multifaceted. Her passion burns brightly and she openly admits that it takes on a life of its own: “I work when I...

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22 Nov Kamel El Amri

  Calligraphy was to me what constitutes the history of cinema and theatre in Tunis during the seventies: a long and winding road, transporting me from the most absolute discovery into complete deepening. When I stopped dedicating myself to these thoughts, I went back to my...

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22 Nov Vladimir Migachev

  Vladimir Migachev, a featured artist at ARTSTORY gallery has devoted his artistic career to a genre typically avoided: monotonous landscapes. Born in 1959, in a small village of the Orlov region in Russia, Vladimir Migachev grew up understanding the secrets that can be found in...

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22 Nov Aase Birkhaug

    For Aase Birkhaug, it’s all about roses and nature. Through her ardent belief that surroundings can influence one’s mind, health and state of being, painter and physiotherapist Aase Birkhaug combined her two passions whilst in pursuit of tranquility. The merge seems like a natural one....

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