Marta Torres


15 Apr Marta Torres

(Translated from Spanish)

In 2015, both Art Monaco and Art Ibiza are proud to present the work of highly esteemed artist from Marta Torres, who will be exhibiting her spectacular art from July 9th to 12th in the playground of the rich and famous, Monte Carlo; and from July 16th to 19th on the gorgeous island of Ibiza.

Marta Torres is defined as an artist who has her own creative language.

In her first exhibition in Paris “Dialogues des Pierres” 2013, Marta moved her home from Ibiza to the French capital. Often using stones, cables, pipes, building materials and soil, sand, shells, Marta incorporates these in her paintings in an almost supernatural way.

Inspired by the ancient walls of Ibiza, walls mutilated by erosion in the old windows, found in different places, which literally incorporates in her paintings. Sometimes open and giving way to the Mediterranean. They are works that play with the movement, the viewer can open or close the windows at will. Matter, sometimes excessive, can become sculptures.

It draws on the chaotic, crowded facades, light cables, water, moisture, graffiti. Pipes framing Ibiza’s old doors or those of France. These narrow, damp walls are adorned, in many cases, for their bougainvillea as features that provide an explosion of color to their works. Some are red, violet or mauve, but they are always finished in natural logs and branches.

Marta also recreates the sea. The tones of the Mediterranean Sea are wrapped in natural sand collected in Formentera, pure white and shells and brightness of salt.

With her personal and unique technique, these landscapes that have a little of each place.

In its almond groves, one can not miss the red earth of Santa Ines and San Mateo collecting the same field of Ibiza and melts between her acrylic and almond logs. It is a painting in which materials and paint coexist harmoniously.

After this first exhibition, a known gallery in Paris, DE MEDICI, place des Vosges, decided to go for this painter of Ibiza. She gave a presentation entitled Rêves de murs 2014. Daniel Besseiche also opted for this different painting, and he took her to Saint Tropez and Courchevel in 2014.

Currently, her work can also be seen in Holland Wanders Modern & Fine Art in Rotterdam.

See Marta Torres’s work for yourself at Art Monaco VI and the first annual Art Ibiza fair, running from July 9th to 12th 2015 (Monaco) and July 16th to 19th (Ibiza). For more information, head over to and