Claudia Hecht and The Pictorial Sculpture Art Movement


16 Mar Claudia Hecht and The Pictorial Sculpture Art Movement

In 2015, Art Monaco is proud to present the work of highly esteemed Mexican artist Claudia Hecht, who will be exhibiting her spectacular art from July 9th to 12th in the playground of the rich and famous, Monte Carlo. In the art world, very few attempt and even fewer accomplish the transcendent; works that become iconic images that people identify with and treasure as their own cultural heritage.

Mexican artist Claudia Hecht, internationally acclaimed and winner of prestigious awards including the “International Artist of the Year Award for 2014” presented by Prince Lorenzo De Medici at an annual gala at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C, is quickly becoming famous for her masterful iconic works in both painting and sculpture.

Born in Mexico City and residing in Guadalajara, Claudia’s vibrant paintings and evocative sculptures combine themes from ancient Inca, Mayan, African and Hindu and other primitive cultures with her modern interpretation and materials with which she creates works with a purity of artistic expression. Her work evokes spiritual rituals from the legends of these civilizations presented in a contemporary style that captures the wonder of this mythology. Her impeccable designs and captivating, graceful imagery are awe-inspiring.


Claudia began her career in 1988 creating Terracotta (baked earth) works in high relief under the training of sculptor Blanca Göens, completing a large collection of wood sculptures in cooperation with many of the renowned artists of Guadalajara. In 1993, she went on to study with Italian master artist Giulio D’Arolio with whom she delved deeply into the 18th century technique of relief painting on a gilded background in which gold and silver leaf are applied to surfaces and painted with oils and varnish. In these works, Claudia combines images inspired by archaeological, indigenous, mythological, oriental, tribal, exotic and modern elements. This technique she developed creates an exotic and rich elegance in her works in a style that is uniquely her own. She paints in three primary themes: geometric figures, modern interpretations of primitive images and sensual figures. Having spent a lifetime dancing, the sensual movement and grace of her dance often finds its way into her art works.

“I begin painting with a simple sketch without knowing before exactly what it will become. As I paint, I let the artwork talk to me and tell me what it wants to become and as it flows towards completion, the final image is revealed. I stop when I feel that everything is balanced in harmony and the painting has achieved its own magic.” The resulting works explore the subjects of: spiritual awakening, important turning points in life and colorful abstract compositions, each with an underlying purpose to create a beautiful experience that elevates the mood of the viewer.


Embellishing the initial layers with engraved sculptures of wood and stone, Claudia transforms the mundane into new vibrant forms of expression in an artistic movement she christened “Pictorial Sculpture Art.” Few styles present such originality, as there are no planned sequences or inflexible rules. “I do make some basic sketches, but they have little in common with the final.”

These works have evolved into an exploration of the infinite possibilities offered of interactivity designed into her new larger-than-life sculptures. These pieces are colorful and elegant and do not belong, she says, “to any existing school. Their intention is to be original, harmonious, beautiful and different.”

Based on her love and appreciation of Mexican primitive art, these stainless steel sculptures evoke an organic sense of place, designed to blend into their surroundings, whether natural or man-made. They range in height from five to 18 feet or more and are created to be site specific, drawing on the artistic heritage of her homeland. “Interactive means people are invited into the works, to stand next to them with the building or beautiful scenery in the background so that a memory is made there.”


Each of Claudia’s works have what she calls a ‘back story” with historical, philosophical or spiritual truths behind each. For many people they become treasured masterpieces because they crystallize Mexico’s artistic and cultural values and are technically brilliant above reproach – works of a modern master, magnificently expressed.

Claudia Hecht is the first Mexican artist since Frida Kahlo that can really transcend in the art world and become an ambassador of what it is exceptional of México. She is a master in painting and sculpture and her artwork is unique, spectacular, magnificent, inspiring and reflecting of her Mexican cultural legacy.

See Claudia Hecht’s work for yourself at Art Monaco VI, running from July 9th to 12th 2015, at the only place where art meets glamour… Monaco. For more information, head over to