Art Monaco and The Luxury Guru – Interview


01 Jun Art Monaco and The Luxury Guru – Interview

No event attracts world’s wealthiest like Art & no place attracts them more than Monaco. ART MONACO (July 9-12) The BEST of both! By Lorre White, ‘The Luxury Guru’.

No event attracts world’s wealthiest like Art & no place attracts them more than Monaco.

ART MONACO (July 9-12) The BEST of both!

By Lorre White, ‘The Luxury Guru’.



With a top ranked global luxury blog “Lorre White, The Luxury Guru” that has an Ultra High Net Worth subscriber following, I often get asked to share my insider’s information on the best jet-setter Events/Destinations/Luxuries/Services globally.


Below Prince Albert at ART Monaco

Art monaco prince albert

Monaco and the Cote Azure  attracts the wealthy every summer.  Super yachts, exotic cars, the Mediterranean beaches, beautiful weather and even more beautiful people, as well as the famous Monte Carlos casino, what’s not to love?  No place on earth epitomizes the luxury lifestyle more than Monaco.  So it is no wonder that the esteemed Art Monaco show attracts Royals, Billionaires, and the super elite.

Art Monaco body paint

Art shows always attract the wealthy crowd, but crowd is the optimal word.  So many of the big Art shows are impersonal, there are long lines, no cabs, and you are herded through in mass like cattle.  Art Monaco offers a more select group, the opportunity to enjoy great art, at a fun event.  It offers a quality of lifestyle to those that expect to live well.

The show is very international with the participation of exhibitors from countries such as: Monaco, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Uruguay, Argentina, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, etc…

Art monaco horse and personSome of Art Monaco’s official side events include:  The evening of the 9th there is a black tie reception, press conference and event kickoff party that is by invitation only.  On Friday July 10, Art Monaco will officially open to the public from noon to 5 PM.  A three day pass is 150 euros. From 6 to 10 PM Friday, there is an invitation only reception and at 9:30 PM, the annual  Gala VIP charity dinner where an award for best gallery is given.  Saturday there is a casual invitation only dinner on the beach.


As a fun edition, this year for the first time, Art Monaco will be offering free ‘Al Fresco’ Morning Yoga to all attendees wanting to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Monaco.  It is hard to be healthy when you travel and yoga is popular with the wealthier demographics.  This is another example of the quality of lifestyle aspect of Art Monaco, that no other art show can come close too.


Art Monaco crowd

I sat down with the owner of Art Monaco, Johnessco Rodriguez to ask him about this  year’s upcoming event:

Lorre:  How many artists/ galleries will be involved?

Johnessco: Art Monaco limits the number of international participants to 70  .  We focus in all senses in quality vs. quantity,  as we receive only 10,000 exclusive visitors that travel from around the globe and visit the fair during 4 days.

Lorre: Can you give me 10 of the biggest global art names that will be there?

Johnessco :If by art names you meant artworks, we’ll have pieces from an exclusive, never seen or unheard of collection of Jackson Pollock.  Of course Warhol,  Roy Lichtenstein, Picasso, Michelangelo , Damian Hirts, Arman, Fontana, Yue Minjun, Liag Jian and of couse some great emerging artists such as: Claudia Hecht, Bernard de SOUZY (who worked closely with Gerard Depardieu and a few other artists),  Christine Zimmermann,  Zivo , Dminc, Cui Jinzhe , Krie Alden, Thierry Blum, Tiffany Pilon, Suzuka Yoshida, Peter Terrin.

Lorre: Is there any “super special” piece you want everyone to know about?

Johnessco: Well I have 3 pieces. Of course, Pollock itself is a show.  Michelangelo original bronze of the Pieta of Saint-Peters.

Lorre: In the past Art Monaco has been housed at the Grimaldi Forum, but this year you have chosen to move the event to Monaco’s  Espace Fontvieille.  Why is Espace Fontvieille a better space for Art Monaco?

Johnessco: Grimaldi Forum was good, however in Espace Fontvieille, the show will have more possibilities to be artistic as it has less limitations in height of ceilings, restrictions on dates but overall it has the freedom of being as vast in simplicity and elegance. The space offers multiple options for decoration and implementation from any type of show,  sky is the limit!

Lorre: Why is Art Monaco is more fun than the other competing art shows?

Johnessco: Art Monaco is certainly a pure platform that allows the combination of wealth, exclusivity, culture and art. It is not for the light of wallets but for the connoisseurs and adventurers to discover and give opportunities to the new grand painters of our time.  Art Monaco is the perfect opportunity to gather friends, potential clients and contracts in a fully amazing arena of international art.  Art Monaco is simply the venue where ART MEETS GLAMOUR!

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